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Let the Right One In December 9, 2010

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I really have to give credit to John Ajvide Lindqvist because this book was truly different. Eli is a vampire who is an old vampire stuck in a 12 year old body. The thing about Eli is that he never matures or maybe he choses to not mature. Oskar who befriends Eli is brutally picked on at school and you can see the special bond he creates with Eli. Let the Right One In is very dark and has some really hard concepts  like Hakan who is almost a slave to Eli and would do anything for Eli just for attention. I also like that the author makes you almost feel sorry for Hakan. He fails at killing someone for Eli and is horrible at being a pedophile.

I really enjoyed the conversation we had in class about Eli being seen as an angel and the reason why Eli is both boy and girl is because most angels are gender neutral. I also like that even after Oskar finds out Eli is a boy he still loves him and doesn’t  care but just appreciates and accepts Eli.


The Emperor of Ice Cream

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The Emperor of Ice Cream written by Wallace Stevens’ is about the death of a woman, and at the funeral the host is preparing ice cream for the wake. A sheet is then used to over the dead woman and covers her body except for her feet which is a reminder of her mortality.I think what Stevens’ is saying is that these custums such as funerals don’t serve a purpose other than to comfort the ones at loss, it doesn’t prepare the dead woman for the afterlife at all. I think King decided to put this poem in Salem’s Lot because most Vampires dread the afterlife since they are not at peace. They aren’t fully dead or fully alive so they’re stuck in limbo.


Dead Until Dark

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Seeing that I am obsessed with True Blood I was very excited to start reading this. To me it is definetly better than reading Twilight and the characters have so much more personality. I love that Bill is very protective of Sookie and that is based in Louisiana. I also love how in detail Dead Until Dark goes, for example, they talk about V and how it is used as drug. I think this is the first book that talks about the effects of vampire blood to humans. I also really like that they explain how they can never change and the part where they talk about the uselessness in getting a haircut.

I also love all the characters in it, especially Lafayette,Jason, and Eric. The different personalities and specialties really add to the story and give you that small town Louisiana feel. To top it all off, Dead Until Dark gives you a huge twist with Renee being the killer. It makes you question everybody else because if one person can be a killer and not be suspected you wonder what everyone else has done. After reading this first book and watching all the seasons, I will definetly continue to read the series


Homecoming by Ray Bradbury

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I really enjoyed this read because of all the elements in it and I also appreciated how different it was from other stories. The reason why Homecoming is so different is becasue he gives Timothy human qualities such as being  curious, self cautious,and ambitious. The story also shows that vampires, even though they’re outcasts, outcasts one of their own. They find Timothy odd and weak. Homecoming also shows a special bond between him and his uncle in which the uncle tries to show him the pah to being a good vampire. I enjoyed Homecoming because it showed humanity in vampires and because Timothy did not want to feel wanted by his own kind.


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Dracula serve the Victorians as their scare of religion vs. science. Science to the Victorians questioned what they were use to since science was too modern. Dracula showed that there is evil in the world which most likely scared Victorians who were super religious and Dracula was the one evil that could not be dimished with religion. Dracula also served the Victorians as a reality check that change isn’t a bad thing and if they were to be stuck in their old lifestyle that it would never progress and peasants would never move up.


First Essay

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For my first essay I chose the first option in which I will show how Dracula represents Victoriafears for example their fear of religion being faulty, gender roles being reversed, and their fear of change. Religion is represented many times throughout the  and shows how the Victorians were scared of a split in relgions, for example johnathan choses to reject catholism while Dracula represents Catholism. They also showed a scared in reversed gender roles because dracula takes to johnathan even though he is a guy which to the victorians is seen as odd. These are just a few areas I will go over in my essay and will search the book for more examples.


Funny how as much as I hate the title Hello world! I can’t seem to come up with another one August 26, 2010

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To get things started I will state the most important facts about me: My name is Liz. I am the oldest of three siblings, all of us being eight years apart  which is weird considering my birthday is on 08/08. I can quote almost every line of Gone With The Wind, The Office , and Arrested Development. I am extremely picky with my foods: I do not like seafood/shellfish, anything that is remotely spicy or hot, strawberries, collard greens, or anything that is way foreign or out there, when it comes to food I am very shy to trying new things. I love the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes as well as “The Lion King”. I am an absolute movie fanatic: I adore directors Quentin Tarantino, Troy Buffy, Eli Roth, James Cameron,Christopher Nolan, and Guy Ritchie. I’m obsessed with anything that has to do with both World Wars and the Counter Culture. I’m interested in politics and foreign affairs.Oh and I one day aspire to be a U.S History Professor.

Now that the ice has been broken I’ll go on to talk about these past 3 days of school, PARKING IS A MESS. I was told parking was bad but geez. The first day alone took me an hour and half to park and even then it wasn’t a legit parking space. Other than that so far so good. I’m excited to keep up with this blog since the last time I blogged was in the 7th/8th grade on Xanga and that was a complete mess since everything is written in girl code with nicknames for guys I had crushes on that I don’t even remember anymore.

Wish me luck for this Fall!

Team Jacob 😀